✔ Taobao shops

List updated on 2015/03/03

White Dolly Story   ✔   Note: highly recommended seller, review

The Cat’s Gift     Note: cute clothes, shoes and wigs, review here and here

Kxdan      Note: wide range of variety of products

Win em052      Note: LOTS of eyes for BJD and DD (medium quality)

Kaleido      Note: trusted seller, but he doesn’t accept returns

〓 Doll M.Art 〓      Note: pretty wigs and accessories, review

Licht      Note: fantasy wings

【endless】       Note: cute casual clothes, trusted seller

Greentime      Note: clothes, wigs and lots of shoes

Haowayi BJD      Note: basically accesories, eyes and some clothes

proshoppin      Note: NEVER BOUGHT THERE, but they have Volks clothes

Doll House      Note: original clothes and shoes

CLS Shop      Note: Amyseeker, a friend of mine, purchased stuff from here and he’s satisfied with the clothes quality

Sunny World      Note: “not so high quality, but good prices”, says Amyseeker

Air Castle      Note: clothes (they have a section for DD clothes), shoes, wigs…

For Doll      Note: cool accesories

Helleborus      Note: more cute and casual clothes and complements

Mayuism     Note: lots of accesories like food and technological props

Win atelier ✔ Note: all kind of eyes, trusted seller: eyes on a friend’s doll

Snake eye  Note: you’ll find eyes, clothes and shoes. Trusted seller, I bought this shoes there.

Another Dimension  Note: clothes, eyes and accessories for all kind of sizes.

F-Zero  Note: LOTS of fantasy wings (for BJD cosplay, for instance) and cute accessories.



✔  = me or a close friend have purchased items from there. Reliable shop.

♒  = neither me or a friend of mine have purchased items from there, it could be reliable. Pending confirmation.

✘  me or a close friend have purchased items from there and we had a bad experience.


and more shops will be added soon!! 🙂 If you had any experience with Taobao shops and you want to share it with us, tell us your opinion at orchiddolls@gmail.com and I’ll upload it in this list, thanks!!!  



7 Respuestas a “✔ Taobao shops

  1. Me disfruto este blog tuyo y su commentarios y fotos en FB mucho 🙂
    Gracias por el listo de unos vendedores de Taobao, es muy interesante.
    ¿Compras directamente de vendadores Taobao o hay alguien que ayudate?
    Preguntolo porque no entiendo Chino.


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